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“At FitStrong I provide personal training and small group training to help you move better, stronger, feel and look healthier, and become better prepared for ‘YOUR’ life”.

Jamie Hunter

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How do I train Everyone?

I’ve been a professional trainer in Australia, the UK and Ireland since 1997. I have always followed my mantra, ‘the goal is to keep the goal – the goal’. That is to say, whatever the client wants and needs has been the priority target. Following the plan is the perfect recipe to success. There is no place for random acts of getting out of breath and sweaty.

Below I touch on the who, why and how we train, but in brief, my clients are professionals between 30 to 60, the retired and athletes of all ages.

Everyone has goals on the spectrum of strength, fitness, moving better and losing weight and I have solutions for each of these. Under safe and professional guidance every client will be coached towards their goal and it’s commonplace for everyone to discover how well they can move and achieve greatness in their physical practices.

In a nut-shell, everyone wants to feel good, because it feels good to feel good! Do you want to feel better??? Get in Touch today.

In Indian mythology, as well as traditions, the ‘guru’ or the mentor/teacher is considered above God. For me, he is my teacher, my mentor, my guru!

Me and Jamie were destined to meet – 2008, a sudden decision to go to Belfast UK from India, a sudden decision to get fitter looking at my bulky physique and then deciding to join YMCA Belfast. And bang.. here I met Jamie. Coming from a different culture, a different lifestyle and language, I was quite confused (apprehensive if I may call it) on whether or not will it work out or not. How will I manage my work schedule? Will I make friends?

He surprised me and what a pleasant surprise it was! 🙂 (more…)

Rohit Wadhwani

I have recently signed up to Jamie’s personalised 1-1 online training service. The program I got was exactly what I asked for in terms of available training time and equipment (esp relevant in these Covid-19 times when most training may be home or park based without much equipment). And it is helping me to achieve the goals I shared as well as working to address my problem areas (after video review). The most impressive aspect for me is that Jamie filmed a number of little custom videos for me giving instructions and demos for each segment of the program. Amazing value given the service provided, highly recommended.

Donna Richards