“At FitStrong Brisbane I want to help you move better, get stronger, feel and look healthier and better prepared for ‘YOUR’ life”.

Jamie Hunter

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In Indian mythology, as well as traditions, the ‘guru’ or the mentor/teacher is considered above God. For me, he is my teacher, my mentor, my guru!

Me and Jamie were destined to meet – 2008, a sudden decision to go to Belfast UK from India, a sudden decision to get fitter looking at my bulky physique and then deciding to join YMCA Belfast. And bang.. here I met Jamie. Coming from a different culture, a different lifestyle and language, I was quite confused (apprehensive if I may call it) on whether or not will it work out or not. How will I manage my work schedule? Will I make friends?

He surprised me and what a pleasant surprise it was! 🙂 (more…)

Rohit Wadhwani

This program came along at the right time for me. I was looking for a break from conventional training and wanted to restore my body so to speak. I think the program would be a good start for someone who is generally struggling with their fitness and has some mobility issues.


Experimental 4 Week Online Program