Hello world!

Welcome to FitStrong online #2. The last website was provided by a company with less than adequate standards, so here’s version 2 using our good friend wordpress!

This is your very first post and I intend to use this to broadcast business information, program updates, services and a means of communication with my valued current and future customers and students.

On that final note, I am inclined to move away from referring to customers as clients as you are more than that. I am not merely here to take you money, train you and say “byee”! At FitStrong I provide a fuller approach to training that includes an empowering and educational approach. I want you to take away with you information that you can use, with techniques and strategies that will keep you exercising properly, with safe and effective form so that you amy exercise for a very long time…. hopefully with my guidance!

I value your thoughts and opinions. If there is anything you would like to see on the site or information you like shared, please get in touch below.

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