Serving Suggestion!


Serving Suggestion

I have to confess to really loving the trend by some trainers and nutritionists of promoting the simple secrets of effective, long lasting weight control.
They tend to go something like this:

1. Drink plenty of clean water
2. Eat only wholesome, natural foods
3. Sustain 1 and 2

I really love the simplicity of this and the fact that it’s true; just ask any nutritionalist or dietitian.

It makes sense too but, to some probably isn’t dramatic enough, isn’t sensational, doesn’t require any wonder-food, supplements and doesn’t get you a free T-shirt.

How can it be so simple and yet there are still many who think they drink enough water, eat healthy but still struggle to control body fat.

Here’s a suggestion!

Maybe you are eating good, but maybe, just perhaps, you’re eating too much of it!

Portion control is something some struggle with. We kind of know what’s healthy, what a natural food is, but how much or how little do we need to lose body fat?

Here’s another suggestion!

If you are eating healthy, are drinking plenty but you’re not losing anything, reduce your portion size a little or eat from a smaller plate or bowl. If this results in lower weight at the end of the week or after a fortnight, wahey… Sustain that.

On the other hand, if you’re eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and are limiting yourself to very small portions, increase your serving size a little. In this scenario, this kind of eater will complain of a lack of energy too, be a grump, struggle to improve on exercise – so it makes sense that they’re not eating enough and that their body is shutting down things to conserve its limited energy.
An increase in dietary energy will lift spirits, provide a potential to exercise better, live better and most likely end up with body fat loss after a week or so.

There are many wonder-drugs, weird and impractical solutions too difficult to sustain when right in front of us is the answer. We all know how to eat healthy. I’m just suggesting that maybe you need to look at your serving size.

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