Geoff Neuperts ‘One Program’

The ‘One Program’ by Geoff Neupert

Swinging a kettlebell is one of the most beneficial yet exhausting exercises I know and it’s easy to get slack, wait an extra 30 seconds or get distracted finding your favourite tune to get your spirits ups in between sets. For this reason, programming your swings is a valuable tool and method to get the most out of your time spent training.

28s close ups

Geoffs program is cute to look at, simple in its progression yet deadly on the lungs, your legs, grip and that excess baggage around the waist… wait, you want to lose that don’t you? Cool, read on.

The programs sessions are short, great for those periods of the year when time is precious. Don’t let that fool you and don’t feel like you have to shove extra work in after these sessions. If your goal is to expend energy and then get on with your life for the day, then is for you. Get warmed up, do the swings, cool down and get over it.


  • The 5 week plan is set for 3 sessions a week or just alternate days like I myself am doing.
  • Each session is 10 mins long and each set starts on the minute, top of each minute.
  • Don’t let technique slip. If you can’t maintain technique – STOP for the day. Feel free to go back a session or two and start from there again. This program is for energy expenditure but also a great way to bullet-proof your swings technique.
  • The ‘One Program’ is set for double kettlebells but I do not see a problem with using a single bell, two handed.

Ladies: double 8kgs to 12kgs 

Gents: double 14kgs to double 24kgs

You know your swing strength if you swing already. If in doubt, choose low.

The times are for time spent swinging vs time resting [read, ‘shaking it out’]. Example, the first session 15:45 means 15 seconds of swinging and 45 seconds rest.


The Plan

Week 1 

Workout 1: 15s: 45s

Workout 2: 20s: 40s

Workout 3: 25s: 35s

Week 2 

Workout 4: 20s: 40s

Workout 5: 25s: 35s

Workout 6: 30s: 30s

Week 3 

Workout 7: 25s: 35s

Workout 8: 30s: 30s

Workout 9: 35s: 25s

Week 4 

Workout 10: 30s: 30s

Workout 11: 35s: 25s

Workout 12: 40s: 20s

Week 5 

Workout 13: 35s: 25s

Workout 14: 40s: 20s

Workout 15: 45s: 15s

So, there you have it. The ONE PROGRAM. I am following this program as of April 29th 2014 and shall log my efforts along the way.

There are other swing only programs, especially those set by Tracy Reifkind and more from Geoff.

If keen to learn of Geoffs many, many other kettlebell programs including this one, check out his latest Kettlebell Strong book.

3 thoughts on “Geoff Neuperts ‘One Program’

    • fitstrongblog says:

      GOSH, what a fun program that was. I loved it but hated it but that was owing to my eagerness to double 24s. Should have chosen 20s from the word go as I had to bite the bullet, swallow my pride and drop to them by week3, 30:30.
      I tried to repeat week 3 with 24s but just couldn’t recover in enough. Double 20s proved ideal to complete the program although I’ve yet to actually do 10 mins of the last session, 45:15!

      Overall, a well structured minimal program providing heaps of time to hone the swing whilst working hard.
      My suggestion is to start with kettlebells you know you can swing for sets of 25 seconds ‘now’ so that you can build up to this and then surpass it on the way to doing 45 seconds straight, 10 times, with 15 secs rest in between…. madness!

      • Steve says:

        Thanks for the reply and the advice going to kick it off these holidays.

        Did you also do the strong programs in his kb strong book? Thinking of treating myself this Christmas to his book.

        I already have more kettlebell muscle.


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