The top 10 healthiest vegetables you could possibly eat to make your life better…


… Yeah, you really think I’m going to list these vegetables, detail all the awesome micronutrients and specific health benefits of eating them – no.

Every day in every newspaper, magazine, websites, bill board poster and in the chain shops, health food stores etc etc you’ll be bombarded with endless advice on what best to eat, how to spend your well-earned money to make you slimmer and healthier, hell, you’ll be told to juice up 10kg of veg into a glass of life-giving elixir!

However, do you really, really, really believe all this information overload makes a difference? I don’t.

All this information brain clutter does is confuse the average consumer and probably puts them off buying and eating what they should be eating, just vegetables.


Here’s it all simplified:

  • Vegetables are healthy.
  • Eating vegetables is healthy.
  • Not eating vegetables is unhealthy.
  • If it’s a green vegetable, or yellow, or red, or orange, or mushroom coloured, eat it.
  • EAT vegetables.

Who cares what nutrients are in them and what positive things they do to you, just eat them, ITS ALL GOOD, RELAX.

Chop them up, throw them into a pan with some butter and gently cook them, whatever, but the most important thing is this, eat the flipping vegetables.

Peace out, I’m away to eat this arrow down to left

veg on stove

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