Christmas Season Training

I’ve been slow at sharing via video for quite some time now largely due to poor internet services where I’m based but thanks to iMovie tech I’m now giving it a go over the Christmas period.

Every couple of days I’ll be sharing a demonstration of my days training, not to show off because to be honest, I’m not that impressive haha. I’m sharing just to demonstrate the simple things we do at FitStrong but do them with conviction and intent.

Crawls and Swings. 

24th December 2014

Christmas Eve is often stressful enough so training like a mad man wouldn’t be too wise.
Today the focus was on getting mobile with an Original Strength warm up finishing off with 5 rounds of 30 second crawls with a brief recovery.
Part 2 was 7 minutes of 10 single arm swings, alternating between left and right hands.

Here’s the video and yeah, I experimented with iMovies cartoon affects… not too sure about that yet!

Crawl and Swing Training

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