Turkish Get Ups and Squats

Recently I have started a new venture towards a big goal, for me anyway.

Up until a few years ago squatting to me meant a barbell pulled onto my back and pushing upwards of 200kg on a session. These days I’m focussing on a different strength squat, that of the double kettlebell front squat. Whilst my aim of a double 40kg front squat is way below my 200kg back squat, it is a totally different strength that is required to hold onto two large bells on the front on ones shoulders.
I have a 16-20 week progressive plan that aims to get me to this goal from my current level. If you would like to peruse the plan, just ask. You may see identify any¬†flaws or cautions that I’ve missed or overlooked!

Anyway, todays simple session commences with the usual Original Strength¬†prep followed by some work with the Turkish Get Up to load me up a little whilst opening up my hips. I do like to use a chalk and cheese approach when I’m squatting to ensure I am well mobilised and activated.

The main Squat routine is a basic 1-5 ladder with double 24s followed at this stage with double 28s for 4 rounds of a 1 and 2 rep ladder.

The aim of the session at this stage is to get used to maintaining form over short rep sets before slowing increasing the reps with ladders to 5 reps. Once I can comfortably 5 rep the 28s I move up the 32s.

Here’s the video:

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