Kettlebell Pressing ‘n Swinging

29th December 2014

Kettlebell presses are one of those exercises that a lot of people, especially many in the kettlebell community, get really into. In my opinion I believe many trainees do too much to the expense of their long term shoulder health and to time that could be spent doing other great things for their shoulders that do not involve pressing.

I am now finding myself getting more from doing less in terms of pressing overhead. I maintain my ability to press both single 24kg Kettlebells or doubles (2 bells). I have only recently returned to pressing over head after a couple of neck problems and hence shoulder irritations throughout 2014. My current plan has me cycling through 1, 2 and 3 ladders of no more than 5 presses. I press the 24kg or doubles only once per week and accompany this with Turkish Get Ups and at certain times, overhead carries aka waiters walks. These would not be on the same day but rather spread over a week.

When I press with lower volume I include more kettlebell snatches. When I increase press volume I reduce the snatches. So, in other words I sustain similar amount of over head exercise strain by rotating between a press or a snatch focus. This typically works over a 6 week cycle.

Anyhoo, todays session was a medium volume (for me) press session with an accumulated 30 presses each arm. In between each press sets I completed 5 swings with two 24kg kettlebells for a total of 50 swings. Two rounds / 10 minutes was the limit.

Part two of the days session saw me undertake a little experiment of sorts that I had though of whilst out walking a few days ago.

I am forever telling students to keep the movement the movement, either when working under pressure, with larger loads, fatigue and so on. If you are squatting, keep the movement pattern the same. If you can’t, then stop.

The notion I had was to work from regressions to progressions of the squat using a variety of means and tools.

The list and sequence of exercises are listed here:

  • Deadbugs
  • Rocks
  • Elevated rock
  • Ido Portal style squat mobiliser
  • Body weight squat x10
  • Goblet squat x10 @24kg
  • Single arm squat Left / Right x 5 each @24kg
  • Zerchers Squat x5 @50kg
  • Double front squat x5 @dbl 24
  • Barbell front squat x5 @50kg
  • Back squat x5 @50kg
  • Overhead squat x5 @24kg Left / Right

This took just under 10 mins… Was great fun at the time and not about the weights but rather a sequence of the movement.

Here’s the video:

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