New Years Eve SpiderMan Workout!

31st December 2014

New Years Eve isn’t a time for spending too much time in the gym, much like any session I suppose. You go in, get the job done then get out and recover and get on with your life.

Anyway, todays agenda was to spend time with the basics and some preparation for future training.

The basics, spiderman crawls for all the great reasons you should all crawl. Coordination, core activation, vestibular enhancement and pulse raising. The secondary basic was the upper back theme for the past 6 weeks, active hangs, championed by Ido Portal.

I spent a very short time completing 5 rounds, non stop between 30 seconds of both crawls then active hangs. 5 minutes… bang – done!

The second section I dedicated to spending low load efforts at double kettlebell presses mixed with the unfrequented arm curls, no, not for the new year celebrations (although I did get a nice pump) but as some prep for the ensuing pull up training I’ll be investing in soon once I finish the foundation period of hangs.

Just because I like ladders I structured the sets as follows:

  1. 5 arm curls and 10 presses
  2. 6 arm curls and 9 presses
  3. 7 arm curls and 8 presses
  4. 8 arm curls and 7 presses – this is when the arm curls started to get challenging!
  5. 9 arm curls and 6 presses
  6. 10 arm curls (just about) and 5 presses

A total of 45 reps of each in about 8 minutes I think.

And, here’s the short video montage of my efforts!

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