Plan it or can it!

It’s Friday, almost the end of the week and maybe, your early week meal plans have slipped or run out of steam.

At this point if this is you, take stock of what happened good or bad and plan for next week.

If you’ve had a great week where meal preparation plans lasted, you’ve stuck to maintaining and building better habits, awesome.

If you’ve struggled towards the end of this week, what happened? Did you run out of time to prepare meals or did you get too tired to cook? 

If his is the case, plan not to end up here again next week. Make up and freeze or refrigerate meals to last up today.

It’s also the time to make up the following weeks shopping list full of everything you need to last next week. 

Consider the optimal portions you need of meats, vegetables, essential healthy carb sources, eggs, cheese (yes, of course cheese) and other healthy accompaniments. 

Plan it or can it!

Here’s the Precision Nutrition guide to portion sizes for men and women and yes, you both have different needs – deal with it 🙂 

pn-calorie-control-men pn-calorie-control-women

For a great explanation of this, please read more at Precision Nutrition

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