What you Do is what You Get

Short post today and it’s all about YOU my friend. That’s right, I am not going to blab on about my training, kettlebells, food or my cool little gym. Today is all about you and your results.

Let’s face it bluntly, when we get started into a training plan regardless of it being a health, strength, muscle size or fat loss matter, we tend to only focus on the outcome aka getting the results. You go to a trainer because you have this goal in your mind. Now, whilst the outcome of any advice or training plan is focussed on achieving the goal, you gotta consider the behaviours that will allow you to achieve them, yes?

Examples to ponder, who knows, one of these might be you!

1. You want to drop a few kg and want to train insane 3-4 times a week for 45 mins to an hour and not bother to really work on nutrition… cause that’ll work, right?

Outcomes: maybe a little weight loss but sustaining high effort training, HIIT or otherwise isn’t likely for more than a few weeks. You’ll get pretty stressed out too with the knowledge that every time you hit the gym you’ve to hit yourself hard and you may well be feeling a deflated and far from energetic if the nutrition aspect doesn’t get sorted (behaviour change). Maybe now is not the time to hit the gym hard. Maybe it is an opportunity to explore nutrition options?

2. You want to get stronger, increase your deadlift, squat and bench press yet you struggle to make time to get to the gym frequently.

Outcomes: my friend, this might not be the time to set your target on getting stronger. You may be lucky to maintain general strength with a session every 4 days or so but, unless you can commit to a few sessions a week (the behaviour change). 

priority3. You go to a trainer because you feel like an old man…. No, not all cranky and wrinkly (better check the mirror just in case though!). You feel tight, restricted and unable to move without groaning. You work behind a desk from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday before hitting the gym where you sit on a bike, a rowing machine then move onto a repertoire of weights machines, oh, and they’re all sitting based. You’re just not getting any better and still feel trapped inside your own body!

Outcomes: the topic of why sitting is not helping anyone is a lengthy subject that I posted about last year (click that link if you like). Suffice to say, “STOP sitting so much everyone!” An idea to help any training plan is to look out for any limitations, obstacles and saboteurs (yes, even analysing your training is a great periodic behaviour). In this case, not many people are going to improve their mobility sitting on everything whilst moving in linear directions. If this is you, get off the machines, introduce yourself to the floor and try out some body weight movements. This may be some gentle yoga, pilates or other movement systems such as the Original Strength system (behaviour change).

Anyway, I’m going off here with a longer than intended post. In summary, what actions you do alone wont necessarily affect change. Your behaviours influence the outcomes the greatest. That ol saying by Henry Ford springs to mind,

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

This does of course relate to goal setting to aid your training programs and directions or progressions.
In a follow up post I’ll introduce a simple method to plan your training for your goals.
Until then, live life and prosper.
Little homage to the late Leonard Nimoy

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