Do you Practice Strength?

Two same but slightly different questions:

1. How do you get better at writing, using a computer, cooking, hitting a golf ball better?

Answer: You do it often, practice, practice, practice, agree?

2. How do you get better at squatting or planking or punching a bag more accurately and harder? Do you attack it fiercely once or twice a week?

Answer: Well, actually, most do train like this and fail to practice that which they want to improve!

A term used in the training circles I mingle in is, ‘Grease the Groove’ (GTG) and it refers to improving the skills of strength by frequent practice at less than maximal efforts. Rather than working up to a maximal effort and aiming to take a movement to a point of muscular fatigue and failure, GTG is a method of training without inducing fatigue to failure, but completing any given exercise repetitively, at a moderate effort and without taking muscles to failure.

Pavel Tsatsouline brought us the concept and describes it in this simple formula:

Specificity + Frequent Practice = Success

Here’s a great article that delves into the subject better than I could today. Please read it and consider how you exercise or practice anything that you want to improve.

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