Podcast of December 2015

The FitCast was one of the first podcasts I started listening to years ago, and presenter Kevin Larrabee never fails in delivering to our ears, weekly guests of epic quality.

Now, in episode number 351: Surviving the Storm, trainer Artemis Scantalides talks in depth about all the things I go on about to my clients, especially female clients.

How to improve pull ups & the Turkish Get Up, that using weights is a vital component of training for women, and not just with pink fluffy dumbbells, but with kettlebells and barbells… heavy ones too!

At this time of year when many people will be getting enthusiastic about making changes, it can be tempting to follow the heard and go beat ourselves up in the gym or the local park bootcamp. Please, listen to the the trainers who know their business, especially yours truly and of course, Artemis here…

Enjoy this one and be sure to share with friends.


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