Dan Johns ‘The Eagle’

The Eagle

Look, any workout called the Eagle is not necessarily worthy of attention… except when it’s the offspring of Dan Johns eagle eyed appreciation for simplicity (see what I did there? What a literary genius I am!)

Two exercises that alone are challenging to accomplish for 8 sets of roughly 20-30 seconds each are made even more warrior building when alternated for the same 8 sets – CONTINUOUSLY!

Correct, you interpreted that bold typed word precisely. Non-stop by another name but all the same, a gruelling combination of two simple moves. One a great loaded patterning movement and one, a grinding compounding lift.

8 Double Kettlebell Front Squats &  Farmers Walk for 20 meters X 8 rounds!!!

The beauty of these two lifts can be repeated with other combinations I’ll list later, but the combination of the squat and carry make for such a comprehensive training session. The metabolic thrust it’ll produce will make you want to raid the kitchen larder before raiding the kitchens of your nearest neighbours, once you’ve stopped crying of course when you finish it – if you actually finish it!

Your grip will strain like never before, leading to the necessity to find ideal ways to clean those bells to the shoulders every round. Breathing will become your nearest opponent after the kettlebells as you gasp and suck wind. If your head is in the right place you’ll soon discover that taking control of your breathing will make your time more bearable, but you’ll probably not be able to make time for the luxury of thought once you get through the 4th round.

Abezethibou1Sorry, I’m beginning to make the Eagle out to be a winged demon from hell. Abezethibou, actually a fallen angel, probably fell because he failed to finish the Eagle!!

Now look, feel free to go for it now and attempt to conquer the Eagle without prior preparation. However, how if we take the completed Eagle and reverse it to form a program to step us up to being able to conquer it?

Well, that’s my plan.

Quick recap. The Eagle is 8 rotations of non-stop 8 Front Squats with two 24kg kettlebells, followed by dropping them to ones side and carrying them for 20 metres before re-cleaning them to squat once more etc etc.

The biggest challenge in the Eagle is endurance, not really leg strength if you’re an accomplished kettlebell squatter and carries alone aren’t really that bad.

I’ll be putting together a program that will focus on playing with rest periods between sets, gradually reducing these and starting to group the super-sets together. It’s actually not a very difficult task of writing this but I’m sure if many others done it, to help make undertaking the complete Eagle without doing harm to oneself or those around us… trust me, no one wants to hear the kind of breathing this workout makes a trainee make, it’s just vile and offensive to the ear haha.

Anywho, to be continued on the program front.

Other pairs of patterning and grinds that could be carried out include:

  • Leopard crawls and pull up bar hangs
  • Goblet squats and Swings
  • Deadbugs and Single Leg Deadlifts
  • Push ups and rows (with the suspension rings or TRX)
  • Double kettlebell swings and Loaded Carries
  • Double kettlebell swings and Renegade Rows

The timing or rep protocols should be kept within 20 – 25 secs for each exercise.

Part 2 – The Program