Calories Are Dead, Stop Counting Them

Calories calories calories. Counting calories is dead my friends.  
Identifying what’s holding you back is a more successful strategy. Follow that up with addressing whichever is more reasonable for you to work on now.
Your limitations or what’s holding you back could be any of these:

-Not enough protein

-Not enough vegetables

-Too little water

-Eating too fast 

-Eating until full

-Too many processed foods

-Too much sugar or carbohydrates 

-Not enough sleep
There could be others, but these above generally figure in most people’s weight loss woes.
Exercise serves to sustain muscle mass which burns the energy in the first place. Nutrition serves to feed us all that we need and entertain our taste buds a little. Surplus adds the weight but that’s generally from energy rich and dense foods, like sugary foods or overly fatty foods.

What do you believe is holding you back?

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