Motion is Lotion

A wise man once told me how motion is lotion. How true these words ring with me.

Let me explain.

I’m getting older and I seem to be training greater percentages of people in my age demographic. Yes, I still train people much younger and older than me who present themselves with their own physical strengths, limitations and goals but, what I see in everyone in their late 30s to 50s is really quite specific.


The pain points that resonate are both actual pain points as well as intrinsic pain points and drivers. The problems facing each of us include:

  1. Posture related issues from years of working behind a desk
  2. Old sports injuries or other acquired injuries and strains
  3. Stress from work and modern life
  4. Lack of exercise full-stop

These are the problems or burdens of course, the pain points are deeper and emotional. Lets look at the above list to develop the pain points you may see reflected in yourself.

  1. Posture issues = pain, stiffness, sore heads, poor sleep. These things are what you want to feel less of and experience more of the opposite.
  2. Old injuries = almost as above but if you exercise or still desire to participate in your sport of choice, you might want a way to still exercise, play sport but without the old injuries resurrecting.
  3. Stress = relationship strain, poor work performance, no balance or escape. You simply want away from those stressful environments to work on activities that are not stressful. Play, fun, uplifting physical activities have been shown time and time again to help cope with stress.
  4. Lack of exercise = feeling weak, unfit, old, achy, tired all the time, unable to cope with stress and pretty much most of the above! If a lack of exercise is acknowledged it can be daunting and confusing deciding how to start an exercise plan.

For all these issues, the salutogenic factor is the lotion of motion.

Motion is the purest and simplest remedy to many physical and emotional strifes.


Old Trainer!

As a trainer, getting older, with a list of old injuries from sports, early gym endeavours (yep, I made a fair few mistakes in the early years and I paid for those experiences) I can empathise with my peers. Now, 5 years ago I would be advocating all the big barbell lifts. Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press, Military Press and flipping big tyres but you know what, as fun as they are, they just a few things we can do, should do and are designed by nature to do.

Moving well should be the first priority, long before a barbell should be hoisted up for action. If we can’t move ourselves through a variety of positions, then should we really be attempting to move a heavy external load? If you feel you can answer that with an honest rational, then please do.

We owe it our bodies to best prepare it for life and all nature has planned for us in the future. How do we do that then? By just playing with movement.

I’m not saying to drop the kettlebell or barbell exercise, don’t get me wrong, I love my kettlebell training but, I probably wouldn’t be able to do exercise with kettlebells or bars if it wasn’t for the other ‘stuff’ that I play with.


I’ve always loved calisthenic movements, even though I play mostly with the simplest, rudimentary forms of them but, they keep me lubricated,  greased and ready for doing the heavy stuff.

In the past couple of years I’ve been introducing more body movement activities, from the systemised Original Strength to other movements, and less heavy activities especially for my age demographics. Mostly, the pain points get addressed, actual pain is reduced, the sense of wellness increases and one great testimony I receive is …

I leave the gym feeling better than when I came in!

That right there, is what I want to help more people with. But, to start with, I need to get more people on board with doing more body weight exercise.

The problem most exercisers have with unloaded body weight exercise is that they see it as something too easy, something real beginners do cause they don’t have weights equipment to do trix with yet!


And yes, Trix are for kids, but kids mostly still move and play…..AND SO this brings me to close this rather lengthy post.

This week I’ve introduced a Strength Mobility Challenge to FitStrong.

No weights, no kettlebells, just three body weight movements most people can do.

You are more than welcome to give it a try and post your results below. I’ll be running open events for FitStrongers to give it a go too and of course, I shall undertake the challenge very soon myself.

Here it is:




Good luck, move well, move often and smile đŸ™‚


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