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Change your body, and your life, with personal coaching, support and guidance with the world’s leading nutrition coaching system and certified trainer, Jamie Hunter.

A large component of healthy and sustainable nutrition for weight loss, weight gain and sports performance lie in your eating habits.

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How does nutrition coaching work?

Until recently, the process for helping people lose weight was a rather authoritarian procedure. A client would record a food journal and the coach would make a list of what’s wrong and what needs fixed, usually focusing on calorie restrictions and indeed, counting calories. Additionally, many systems would have followed diets, eliminating whole food groups in order to illicit a calorie deficit. Diet sheets would be given out with all the meals laid out for a week, missing whatever was required to be missing and including whatever was required to included.

precision-nutrition-food-labels-part-3-menu-caloriesThese systems may have worked for a limited time and are still very common place but, one element was ignored. Sustainability. What happens when the diet sheets get boring and or the client stops hiring the services of the coach? Old habits set in again without the knowledge of why and what should be done. I’m sure we’ve seen this kind of scenario in ourselves, family or colleagues. A fantastic weight loss followed by an un-welcomed weight regain!

A whole new system has arisen over the past 10 years and is only really gaining steam and recognition very recently. Precision Nutrition co-founder Dr John Berardi is perhaps the leading advocate of habit based nutrition coaching. Rather than forcing people to take action, he teaches habit based coaching that meets people where they are and guides them one step at a time towards letting new healthier nutrition habits set in. A new habit really can’t be forced into place, it has to be willingly accepted through small incremental, almost minuscule adjustments over a period of time.

The New Coaching Process

When a client starts nutrition coaching, the system commences with a few assessments to ascertain where the starting point is. This does include keeping a food journal in whatever form the client prefers. Photos, online submissions, google drive, hand written – whatever works. From here a realistic goal and time-frame is set and of course, why this goal is a goal. This is carried out in week one, maybe over a couple of sessions.

From here the coach works with the client to identify habits that limit making changes, habits that at some point need to be addressed to achieve the goal and then, from this list as it were, the most reasonable habit is worked on first. Only ONE habit at a time is worked on. This is a crucial point as taking on too many habits at any one time does lead to failure in most cases. The initial target is ONE goal per week or fortnight or longer and coach and client meet once per week for 45 minutes.

There are lots of other interim items that the coach and client work on, but the above outlines the coaching process in the simplest form to explain here.

Coaching programs

  • Available over 6, 10 or 14 weeks
  • Coach and client meet once per week for 45 minutes.
  • Tailored for individual needs and dietary preferences
  • Available in conjunction with personal exercise training

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Register your interest below.

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