Who trains at FitStrong?

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I’m Jamie Hunter and I’m the guy that owns and operates FitStrong Personal Training from our awesome and friendly gym in Albany Creek. I don’t usually introduce myself but, I feature in today’s post so I thought I should start by saying, “hello”!

At FitStrong (if you’re not familiar with how we train), I offer training focused on getting people fitter, stronger and making healthier eating habits for ‘whatever their lives need’. The training is specific to the individual, not just what I want to do that session, but what I believe they need as part of an ongoing journey to improved fitness, health and strength. 

Why? Because I love helping people and through exercise seems a good way to do it. Simple!

My purpose and life-long goal as a trainer is to help people (in the Northside of Brisbane) learn to move better, to develop their fitness and strength and of course lead by example myself!

Now, getting people fitter and stronger is a bit of a generality so, as the title questions, who trains with FitStrong and why?

Being fitter and stronger is a very individual thing. One persons fitness and strengths goals can differ considerably from the next persons AND that’s why the business’s tagline, ‘Getting You Fitter & Stronger for Your Life’ was written. 

So here’s a list of the types of people that currently train with FitStrong… and yes, if you or a friend meets these criteria, why not share this post with them or contact me so we can chat about how we work together. 

The ‘Who list’

  • Ladies between 40-55 who want to feel more mobile, stronger and more energetic to get through busy days. They want to raise their self esteem and additionally, some weight control is on the agenda too.
  • Men in their 40s who want to feel physically healthier, stronger and able to still take part in their sports… still able to kick some younger ass!
  • Ladies in their late 50s and early 60s who don’t want to end up like their older stiff and immobile parents and family and want to stave away things like osteoporosis, high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Guys in their 20s who want to learn how to be strong without breaking themselves and aspire to keep strong and fit into their later years. These guys are rare and are awesome to work with compared to their ego-driven peers.
  • People who need help to tweak their nutrition to lose body fat, to gain muscle or to improve their health.
  • People who want to learn how to use Kettlebells safely for efficient, short and to the point exercise routines.
  • Girls and guys who compete in martial arts and want to get stronger and more mobile (flexibility with strength and integrity) to support their efforts on the mat.
  • Me. I train with the mindset of longevity.  My past in different sports has left me with some aches and pains, wear and tear which creates an agenda for repair, being strong enough (now that’s a post for another day) and developing physical traits that will sustain me into my old man days…. when I still plan on keeping strong and mobile. Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT wimping out, but half of my training focuses on mobility to accompany my strength training. Without adequate joint mobility, strength training is an accident waiting to happen.

Here’s a brief video of me, explaining this all in brief.

If you’d like to learn more about how FitStrong systems can help you move, feel and live better, just get in touch.

Yours in health and strength,


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