Change is too hard… alone!


More times than enough we’re made to feel compelled by peers, media and so on, to do it NOW.

‘Doing it all’ now implies changing a lot of areas.

How you shop, planning meals, dealing with saboteurs, what you put on your plate, what actual healthy foods means, cooking and preparation, time… phew, the list can be a massive obstacle in itself.

However, now the good news.

A proven approach into change is a simple ‘one thing at a time’ method where you narrow down what you can work on now that’s on your to-do list.

If you know you could do with cleaning out the processed foods and also need to plan meals better, a best practice approach is to take whichever of the two you feel or think you can take on now.

By doing this you not only start a process of change with something you believe you can accomplish but you’ve also taken away other items that may obstruct your emotional and mental energy. We don’t want any of that now do we?

This of course can be a hit and miss process or a few stumbling blocks may arise along the way, but by only focusing on one item at a time, the work schedule is more reasonable.

The role of a coach in this process is to help direct you when you take on a new challenge, maybe help you identify which items could and should be worked on. A coach will also listen as well as ask. Ask what you may wonder?! Well, it’s no good taking on a task and having opportunities to jump the boat when no-one’s looking. So, as a coach, I would check in weekly or daily in some instances to see how ‘it’s all going’? What’s working and what’s not working.

Accountability is a cornerstone of achieving any goal.

Taking accountability one step further, I’d like to provide an opportunity in the near future to work collectively to take on the challenges of making changing habits easier.

Now, in the design stages, I’m opening up the gates for suggestions as to how to run this.

The key areas that are top of mind are:

  • Where and when? Live online at set times using a facebook private group just for this purpose OR face-to-face as a group at the gym?
  • Habits? Do we take a structured and predetermined list of general habits that nearly always need addressed and work them on a set basis OR a smaller range of habits closer to your personal needs?

Please use the form below to not only show your interest but, to share your thoughts regarding the above?

Once I get sufficient feedback, I will put together the plan… the best results follow plans!

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