Let’s Get Mobile Albany Creek

For 4 days only, at FitStrong PT in Albany Creek I am offering exclusive access to our Mobility Conditioning program.


Flexibility and the movement of our main joints without strength control is pointless and opens us up for injury. Mobility therefore is flexibility with strength and integrity.

[HERE, I discuss mobility in more details]

As children we ran, jumped, moved around like little hyperactive monkeys and we never pulled muscles or strained ourselves. We had the original strength we were made to have. Then, via years of being in education systems, seated and then being stuck in a chair either for work or a sedentary lifestyle as adults has led some us to be immobile, stiff, sore and easily strained.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 8.00.19 PMThe FitStrong Mobility Conditioning Program is designed to help us reclaim good movement, posture, strength and fitness.


Over the Saturdays of July 2016 at 11am I’m offering an extremely affordable way of accessing this unique program for just $10 per session.

Each session will last 45 mins and cover a variety of reparative drills, movements and challenges and to be honest, it’ll be fun too.

Bookings are essential as only 5 sessions are available per session.
To book, just get in touch below or email jamie@fitstrong.com.au

9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th.


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