‘Move it’

“I like to move it move it, I like to move it move, YOU got to move it move”… what a movie.



Who doesn’t like singing and talking animated wild animals… come on, they’re so dam cute. But, the move it song, there’s the hidden message we should all take heed of.

Sadly the average person doesn’t do this so well, or often and in fact, the average person doesn’t even enjoy moving. That’s a real big problem right there.

Why do the majority of people not enjoy movement or exercise?

Well, maybe look at how the average exercise ‘system’ is marketed, promoted and the images used for the same purpose.

Between 12 week challenges, add 3 inches to your biceps, lose 10lb in 10 days, P90Y, Xfit and all the other wonder-routines, it may be a little overwhelming to a new exerciser and especially one who doesn’t have a great relationship with getting out of breath and sweating.

For a beginner and to be honest, all non athletes, busting a gut, getting all hot and bothered and stressed by an exercise routine shouldn’t be on the cards. As a trainer, it can be challenging to help a client identify what it is they want to do when their goal is ‘just to get fitter and stronger and lose a few kg’.

My first question would be fitter and stronger for what?

At FitStrong we keep the, getting fitter and stronger very much related to what they (the clients) need in their life. Check out our tagline 🙂

After that, the next question addresses why. Why do you need this particular thing; what do you expect the outcome to be? Does that outcome match what will make you happier and more fulfilled or is it an arbitrary number thing you read in a fitness magazine? The why may be a desire, a health goal, a quality of life goal or idol curiosity. This final one is awesome unless it presents a risk to health or quality of life.

The why is a big subject that once addressed, will help to nut down to what we really want. I am still working on this area with clients and following the guidance you can read in Simon Sineks book, ‘Start with Why‘. Check out his video from a Ted Talk. Inspiring stuff.

Now, the next area can take a while to figure out and might need some experimenting with. The How we begin to achieve the goal, wants and needs.

Whether we choose to work with kettlebells, barbells, body weight (calisthenics) or other tools, is all a very individual thing. Naturally if your goal is to deadlift a huge weight, the barbell is the natural selection but if the goals are much more average, then the options are numerous. Please don’t take average to mean mediocre, average is above the weakest and just below the extraordinary.


You can get real strong with just a set of gymnastic rings.

Case in point. I generally start clients with the task of achieving certain body weight standards. This means being able to safely get into the required shape for a squat, deadlift (hip hinging position), push, press, pull and being able to brace ones body sufficiently. Achieving these provides a licence as it were, to pursue other things. After this the options include getting into using kettlebells, the barbell, continuing the body weight movements or exploring more complex calisthenic movement or even a fusion of all of these. I’ve had clients start with the goal of getting generally stronger and now they combine 5km running with calisthenic sessions in the gym.

28s close ups

You can get lean and strong with a kettlebell.

There is no right or wrong, there is only what you like and dislike. Essentially, what I could have written in a few lines is this. We all need to move more, but we need to achieve that in way we enjoy, look forward to and want to learn how to progress in. It doesn’t mean that whatever we choose defines us and labels us. We can try different means of progressive moving whenever we want.

If you are a trainer and an avid exerciser or even a complete beginner looking to figure out where to start, start with just moving it. Try something. Don’t like it, who cares, try something else but, never force yourself to continue with an exercise form if you actually don’t get enjoyment or satisfaction from undertaking it.

Crawl spiderman

Crawling can do wonderful things for a body.

Well, that’s my take on this subject. I myself like to move it with a combination of off road trail walking, strength training with kettlebells and from time to time, I explore bodyweight training more deeply but, I always to the stuff I enjoy and not what media or online experts say I should be doing.

I’m happy and healthy, how about you?


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