How Strong is your X?

Before you think this is a relationship post, questioning the strength of your former girlfriend / boyfriend, it’s the other X, your core.

Your torso and all its wonderful collections of muscles tie you together. However, the old crunches and sit ups don’t really provide the stimulus to really develop a rock hard, well functioning torso. Most of us have actually already had the most awesome ‘core’ strength but lost it during our older childhood years and adulthood, especially as we stopped moving as much.

As babies we crawled, lifted our heads that where a third of our bodyweight, we rolled and moved in an extraordinary array of ways that we would probably struggle with as adults.

I’m 93kg and I can’t imagine doing my training with an extra 25kg attached to my head, but I still try to move my body with the same ability as an agile toddler!


So, here are some challenges for ya’ll.

While I could suggest you attempt to hold an abdominal hollow for great time over 4 weeks, it really won’t develop what I aim for. What I am aiming for is develop your torsos cross bracing, control and body awareness.

Progress through each challenge sequentially. No rush!

Challenge #1:

Perform Segmented Rolls for 5 mins. Lead with the eyes, head and that single limb.


Challenge #2:

Perform the Hollow Roll without your hands or feet touching the floor. Aim to progress to 2 minutes of this. Don’t rush, aim to complete 2-3 breaths (or longer) whilst on your back and stomach.


Challenge #3:

Perform the Hard Roll with a foam block spacer – just perform one full hard roll on each side. The spacer just makes the move a little easier to get used to the movement.

That’s the first agenda item, getting used to the movement. After that, aim for 2 each side, 3, 4 then 5 over a number of sessions. When you can do that, move to the Hard Roll.


Challenge #4:

Perform the Hard Roll for 2 mins straight… Here’s my video of my failing the hard roll tonight. Ideally, keep the hands and feet off the ground or from assisting with the roll. Keeping it real, I am human after all! I’ll get up a better video soon.


Feel free to share you attempts on the FitStrong Facebook page 🙂


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