My ‘Everything’ Hurts!

Traveling for 25-30 hours and mostly seated in aeroplane seats clearly designed for prison incarceration, isn’t something most of us do frequently. If you do,  respects and condolences. 

My body, to be blunt, feels like it’s been locked inside a Houdini Box.

As much as I’d like to hit-up a quick training session this morning before getting on with our family visit, first prorities are starting the process of movement restoration. Actually, it’s more a case of lifting restrictions before moving on with my day.

Tomorrow hopefully I’ll get to do some light strength work and I might get to share a short video of that but, today I’m preaching the values of mobility and getting bits and pieces all ‘loosely goosey’.

Ah, yes, and next on the agenda after loosening is buying some warm clothes and a good coffee 😀

Signing off now, Jamie ‘stiff as a board’, freezing in Dublin! 

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