Greed vs Acquisition

We all know those people, they’ve got all the mod cons, gadgets and gizmos, latest trending whatnots and thingajigs. Whilst I’m quite content with the essentials things that will just ‘do me fine’, other people appear to want everything, probably with the goal to satisfy their position in their societal circles. My circles tend to be happy to get sweaty and dirty types who enjoy crawling and swing Kettlebells so yup, there is a distinct difference between my normal and that of others.
Now, I was recently tied into an engagement with a couple who, throughout the evening, seemed enthralled with detailing to us all of their possessions, recent purchases, new cars, watches, expensive kids clothing, how much they spent on a night out and all the what’s next on their purchase schedule.

As I often do in these situations I switched off rather quickly, put on standby as it were, until something would trigger the interest of my streamlined, introverted brain matter!
During the time I was listening though, I did find myself feeling a bit down, like I was letting down my immediate family because I wasn’t squandering my earnings on whatchamacallits. But, then the observational ah ha moment hit me. One brief moment reminded me of a scene from some old movie scene or maybe it was a boisterous scene from Blackadder, with a superfluous banquet, wenches and all.

Steak, wine, bulging bellies and full-mouthed blathering. Greed, excess and an obvious disregard to health.

So, I put away my guilt and replaced that with pity, dismay and wonder.
It also makes me liken this gratification lifestyle to that of the fitness ‘want it all now’ types.
It breaks my heart at times to tell some enquirers that losing 5kg in 5 weeks probably won’t happen. Gaining a huge deadlift, running a sub 40 min 10km or learning how to create a life-lasting diet change doesn’t happen in any short time.
It may seem disheartening to most but, making any lasting change takes time and lots of it, along with learning, planning, patience, falling down and getting back up again and realising that getting your goal just because you want it, isn’t the same as acquiring the goal in time.
You can’t buy results, not genuine ones anyway.

I was brought up in a Steiner education that empowers children to explore to learn, to understand in their own ways and time to fully understand the how’s, why’s and ah ha moments.
Acquiring any skill and goal does require just this. Patiently wading through the steps and progressions with a few learning hiccups along the way. Eventually whilst stumbling you’ll figure out how to stumble less and yes, of course, a well experienced trainer or coach can help because they’ve / we’ve already made those stumbles, learned some good stepping stones to success hopefully, and moved on.
Speaking personally, I’ve finally conquered one of my own goals this year after battling on and off with it over the past years. The pistol squat comes naturally to many men and women but I struggled for various reasons until this year when I tackled it with a progressive plan that wasn’t timed at all. I only levelled up progressions when I mastered each stage with competence. Now I can easily drop into and pop out of a pistol squat whenever I feel like it. This success took around 4 sessions a week over a number of months, simple.

Another female client had a goal this year of being able to carry out multiple push ups and getting her first full pull up. This she did, but it took around 4 months of gradual waving up and down progressions (4 times a week) to safely and proficiently achieve her goals.

The instant gratifications took simply months of commitment.

So many people chasing their fitness goals don’t want to hear about committing to months of training and have the attention span of a 2 year old in a toy shop. But, seriously, if you have a goal, treat it seriously and nut down the goals steps and stick to a plan. Expect ups and downs so, in terms of creating a time-line, don’t be too strict. Just take each weeks training as it happens and respond accordingly.
If all this seems a little too much to handle, I’d be happy to talk, to help clarify the steps.
Essentially though, don’t be greedy and hasty, take your time, enjoy the trip, fall, get up and keep going.

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