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The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twains quote is perfect when talking about getting started in exercise. Whatever your goal or purpose, getting started into an exercise plan can be a battle between procrastination and an overworking imagination.

I’ve been there, I visit it frequently and I still get to battle with the whole getting started. It’s crazy really because once I get into the session I really enjoy the time.

One solution I discovered is training with other people. Whether it’s with my wife doing her own routine or with someone else on the same program as myself, training in the company of others gets us going, holds us accountable and offers opportunities of support even if that’s just a bit of old craic and banter.

ACE describe Semi-Private as;

“Big enough to be fun, but small enough to still be quality.” This is how I describe small group training.

Small group training has been gaining popularity because it’s an affordable, fun way for clients to take advantage of a trainer’s expertise at a lower financial investment — all while keeping the fun and competitiveness of a group dynamic.

Ok, training with a buddy will be fun and a little cheaper but, what about one-to-one, isn’t it a better method of getting results and learning?

Well, whilst a few people will prefer working with a trainer one-to-one, maybe for the undivided attention or because they don’t want to exercise with others and the cost doesn’t bother them, that’s cool, it’s fine, but the results won’t be affected or any different.

Alwyn Cosgrove of Results Fitness was one of first to embrace, champion and build a huge business around semi-private training. He often makes the point that many other highly skilled activities are taught and learned in groups and they perform just swell. The Military learn to shoot guns and fight, all taught in small groups. Others from dancers, wannabe chefs, martial artists and dancers are also taught in small to large groups and yes, they too do just fine. Sports teams from recreational to professional level all train in small to large groups and they all perform very well.

So, the case is made, you’ll learn and perform very well being instructed in small groups.

At FitStrong I limit small groups to 3 people. Often these are friends who want to train together. Sometimes eager participants want to train at a particular time and end up sharing the time slot with other FitStrong clients.

Getting down to business, I have opened up specific times that I’d like to fill up with eager exercise beavers.

Now, I’m not really looking for whiners and time wasters – sorry, I have to be blunt. For a trainer to really work well with people, getting dragged down by whining and negative vibes isn’t an environment for nurturing success. Yuck, I really didn’t like having to write that but I really must be honest… got it?

I am looking for people who meet this criteria:

  1. Want to learn new exercises
  2. Want to work within a small group
  3. Willing to work hard for results
  4. Can meet up and train twice a week for 45 mins (ish)
  5. Want to have fun doing all this without whining!

OK, well here’s a snap-shot of my Semi-Private openings I am offering now. All the times not labelled are either filled with one-to-one training , family life ‘stuff’ or other activities. However, I’m a nice guy really, so if there is a time that you’re really motivated to train in, do ask, it might just be available.


Current Available Semi-Private Sessions (accurate as of 30th Dec 2016)

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