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Welcome to the FitStrong 5 Week Challenge.

First off, what’s it all about?

I’ve put together this 5 Week Challenge for a few reasons and to accomplish a few outcomes.

The program is called a 5 week challenge, but in actuality it may be stretched out for longer with progressions to the key movement exercises.

Only three movements comprise this challenge to start with.  The Crawl, Squat and the Hinge make up the basis of the main routine, a 10 minute timed routine… we’ll get to that later.


Crawling, squatting and hinging at the hip (think deadlift) are three movements that are fantastic for providing the body with the fundament movement skills we as humans need to sustain for health, strength and vitality.

Crawling is not necessarily something you’ll see many adults do on a daily basis (outside of the gym) but we’ve found the crawl to be plain magic at redeveloping torso strength and endurance, hip, back and neck strength, wrist mobility and coordination. Additionally it has wonderful properties in regards to your vestibular system health. This is the system that maintains your balance and spacial awareness.

The squat encourages good ankle and hip mobility whilst strengthening the legs, backside and your trunk and yes, the movement will get you out of breath pretty quickly.

The hinge is the name given to movements that involve mostly a deep hinging at the hips, like a deadlift or general lifting that is not a squatting down movement.

The 4 different levels cover progressions of these 3 movements.

What can you expect from the program

The 5 Week Challenge will start slowly. Now, it might seem too slow for some and even too fast for others so I encourage you to take control and if needed, adjust the timing of rest breaks if it too hard.

It is actually meant to start with a slowish pace so you can still work on the technique of each exercise before we ramp things up.

You will find your mobility, strength, stability and balance and endurance will be both tested and improved during this program.

One important note – do not exercise to the point of failure, extreme fatigue or pain. In fact, I encourage you to just tease your comfort zone. Got it?

Any questions, please submit below.

The program layout

  • 3 challenge sessions per week.
  • The total session lasts 15 minutes. 5 minutes of warming up and prep and the 10 minute main body. Please note that if you need more time to warm up, that’s fine. Do what you need to do.
  • The 3 movements are carried out at the START OF EACH MINUTE for the allocated GO time, then REST the remainder of the minute.
  • The 3 movements are carried out in rotation for a total of 10 minutes. Note that the first movement will always have one set more than the other two movements.


In session 1 of week 1 you will carry out the Crawl, Squat and Hinge in rotation. The GO time is 15 seconds and the rest time is 45 seconds.

15 seconds Crawl, 45 seconds rest, 15 seconds Squat, 45 seconds rest, 15 seconds Hinge, 45 seconds rest… and so on until 10 minutes is up.

Cool Down Note: if you want to spend time chilling out after the 10 minutes please feel to use the warm up routine of elements of it.

Now what?

Go to the top of the page and check out the WARM UP before heading over to LEVEL 1.

Yes, there are further levels. you may of course check them out but whilst they might look simple on the screen, they will be challenging in terms of both the mobility to accomplish them as well as the strength endurance to complete the sessions. I would suggest running from level 1 and onwards… common sense should prevail!

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This challenge is not a personally prescribed exercise program but is intended for educational / interest purposes only. You follow this challenge at you own risk. You must consult your doctor prior to starting a new exercise program, if you have any medical condition or injury that contraindicates physical activity.

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