Food for thought!!

Have you ever taken a drink of something and immediately had a recollection of a previous memory of a food, a smell, a person, a time in your life etc?

I rarely drink herbal tea but this morning as I sat down to update some member gym programs I thought, “mmm, let’s have a cup of Peppermint Tea”!

peppermint tea

Oddly on my first sip I was hit with an instant memory of my time in Germany during 1989 and ‘cheese onĀ Pumpernickel’, a flat, dense, rye based bread. Very nice actually.

So this got me wondering about what had just happened and the thought occurred to me,Ā can you use drinks or foods to remember a healthier you?

Recollections are varied of course. Not every memory is of a good time. But, imagine if a food or drink stimulated a recollection of a healthier time in your life, if indeed you are looking for a health overhaul. What if you could recall what you did back then, what kind of foods you did eat, who you spent time with, your hobbies or preoccupations, how you felt in general. Would you use that recollection to try to replicate the conditions that at that time contributed to your healthier self?

Just some food for thought. What do you think?

Right now, I am seriously considering finding some Pumpernickel… yummy!

Keen to read more about how and why your brain gifts you this? Read what Andrea Beaman has to say.


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