Mobility Moves for Cyclists

Cycling can be a liberating experience. The wind through your hair, the freedom to roam the countryside and the unquestionably healthy exercise that it provides, makes it an easy addiction. However, nothing takes all the pros away like aches and pains.

Many cyclists will report how their best plans were irritated or cut short by back, knee or neck pain. 

Yes, cycling is great for you but let’s be honest, the cycling posture probably isn’t helping you.

In early 2018 I’ll be opening up sessions for cyclists who want to nip this irritation in the butt with a simple but effective program that targets both mobility and strength specific to what a cyclist needs.

Cycling will do wonders for your waist line and cardiovascular health but to get the most out of your time on the bike, keeping your body mobile, flexible and free from localised tension is vital. On top of that, developing crucial strengths will help you master your bike on the road and trails and help prevent fatigue.

In this first of two posts I am sharing my top THREE mobility moves to help cyclists stay ache free.

In a follow up post I’ll cover the essential top THREE strength moves. Yes, there are more than three mobility and strength activities to optimise your cycling time, but start with the basics.



A New Program for Cyclists

This post and the follow up are a brief glimpse of a new program for fellow cyclists that will be released in 2018.

I’ll be offering this as a 6 week program but for limited numbers of applicants as I want to offer a great service which can often be sacrificed with large numbers of participants.

If you are interested in getting stronger as a cyclist and want to work on eliminating the frustrating aches and pains that maybe keep you off the bike from time to time, get in touch below. You can use this form too to get put onto the early registration list… no commitment is required of course.

Oh, and wait, if you are not local to Albany Creek (Northern Brisbane suburb) I will also be putting together an online program will be nearly as good as the in-person program.

Interested? Send off the wee form below.



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