Animal Flow: Albany Creeks Newest Class

Copy of Bodyweight Training Named the #1 Fitness Trend

Animal Flow Class Starts in Albany Creek

Animal Flow is a movement based ground program that’s about connecting our bodies to themselves through the ground.

Say what?

Let’s define what animal flow is to help you grab the value it holds.

Your body for a start; it’s the one thing you get to keep for your whole life, so help it work better. If you can control your body through diverse movements you will truly move better loaded with weights. For a beginner therefore, Animal Flow offers a great entrance level to defining strength and physical autonomy.

‘Learn how your body works and learn how to use it’

The Animal in animal flow isn’t a direct reference to actual animals, but animal movements have been around forever. Animal Flow creator Mike Fitch just figured out a way that we could use these kind of basic animal components to figure out how to improve the function of the human animal.

The Flow component comes from a mixed influence of parkour, gymnastics, dance and breakdancing. A flow uses the surroundings and the environment to move and navigate smoothly and fluidly with complimentary control of our limbs and torso.

Unlike conventional weights based training that utilises very linear up, down, side to side type moves, a flow encourages all planes of movement.

Whilst some of the moves may look complicated and very athletic, each and every movement has both regressions for beginners to start practicing and progressions for the more experienced to practice.

How does a class run?

Each 45 minute class starts with an appropriate warm up that focuses on mobilising the joints and warming the muscles.

The session continues with a focus on some skills, specific stretches and strengths, taken at a pace appropriate to each student.

The skills practiced then get built into a flow, one step at a time.

Regardless of skill level, the flow will flow.

Animal Flow classes will be run in 6-week courses, the first for 2019 will be running from March BUT, I can also provide personalised lessons or private 2-3 hour workshops upon request.

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