How to Get Lost When Goal Setting!

I can proudly say that I can write up good training programs but ONLY if I know where the destination is and also, where the starting point is.

Starting out into exercise as a beginner or taking a change of direction or starting with a trainer will always take into consideration the goal. The end point at a particular time-frame perhaps or more wisely, when the goal is achieved.

Most People Get Lost before they even start

Picture this example (and it can be any example). Could you really start to train for a 5km park-run right now if you struggle to put on your shoes most mornings because your back’s stiff? Or, is it realistic to join a 60 minute exercise class after work when you wouldn’t normally do more than 60 minutes of exercise per week? Do you get lost trying to plan your own exercise goal or do you just stumble into ‘something’ and see where it goes?

There are plenty of rhetorical situations we could consider but the point is, you must know your starting point before planning your goal. Once you are fully aware of AND acknowledge your Point A, your limitations and strengths then you can start to plot your path to Point B.

This year I wanted to work on getting a hand stand. Why? Why not. It was a challenge. What I needed first off was to get my Point A down. Shoulder stability, mobility, confidence and a plan to get there, to the handstand. I’m still working on it but I am still on the program path.

So, whats your Point A or whats blocking you from getting towards your Point B?


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