Vlog – 5 Pillars of Fitness Progress

Vlog 23rd September 2018

It’s all fine and dandy having an all bells and whistles gym program, but if you don’t address these 5 pillars of fitness ‘progress’, you’re wasting your time.


  1. Sleep 7-8 hours a night even if you think you’re a rebel who can survive on 5. Thrive, don’t just survive!
  2. Nutrition. Be an adult and eat your veg, protein, carbs, fats and drink water more. If nature provided it, eat it.
  3. Strength train. Progressively get strong  – we’ll get to this on a later post.
  4. Aerobic exercise. Cardio is not the devil and doesn’t need to be a gut busting, puke-fest. Walk, hike, ride a bike, roller skate or take your skateboard for a whiz. Just get a bit out of breath – that is all it takes to help you.
  5. Movement practice. Choose a movement practice. Original Strength, yoga, pilates, Animal Flow, Parkour, stretch and roll around on the floor – whatever it is, do it every day.

Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 1.04.21 pm

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