Equipment and Strength Training

If starting out on an exercise plan you might be tempted to overburden yourself with thoughts about equipment. What gym to join may be influenced by what equipment they have or if training at home you may ponder what toys will yield the best results.

Here’s an honest truth bomb for ya’ll. It’s about you.

*** Skip to the bottom to watch Vlog instead of reading all that follows – if you want.***

At FitStrong we follow a system of ‘move well, better then betterer’ before adding a load to the moves.

What moves?  I wrote this blog a while back all about these but essentially we work on variations of pushes, pulls, carries, squats and hip hinges (think deadlifts). There are a myriad of variations of these movements so variety is abundant if you like variety.

There are of course heaps of bodyweight systems to follow if that’s the tune you sing. The variety of full body movements that can be pursued is vast, a real treasure chest. And if loading with metal is your thing once you can move well, then you’ve got barbells, dumbbells and my favourite, kettlebells.

Anyway, here’s the Vlog if you don’t fancy reading all this.


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