5 minute pairs

In yesterdays Vlog I spoke of our gym member Garry and his strength of just turning up no matter how fit or strong he felt on that day. He’s amounted many great feats and strength goals over the past 2 years.

On my second point, I mentioned briefly how to fill 5 minutes with just a pair of exercises that you felt good for on that day.

I got some interest from that so I thought I’d list a few more pairings, just for reference 😉

The list could be endless which makes the idea of filling 5 minutes with a couple of exercises kind of justified. No, it’s not an ideal program. It’s not meant to be. It’s a way of accumulating lots of 5 minute blocks of purposeful exercise when time is against you or you’re struggling to accept doing a 30 to 60 minute gym session.

Food for thought – talking of which, it’s time to eat here. A big plate of mixed leaves with a balsamic dressing with pine nuts and feta. Yum.

Any ideas on the subject of 5 minute exercise snacks?

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