How to Lose the Aches and Pains

Walk into most gyms and you’ll most likely see patrons rolling themselves out with foam rollers, PVC pipes and various massage balls into all sorts of body parts. Maybe you ‘are’ one of those people!

Unless a medically certified therapist has shown you how to do this, you probably could lose it from your life in favour of using a simpler method. Don’t get me wrong, self massage with rollers and balls etc can be helpful in the short-term to aid with loosening tight spots but, do you really want to be doing it every time you want to exercise?

The body has the great capacity to mend itself, to realign itself or hit ‘reset’. You just need to give it a chance and learn some fun moves to let you get on with your life. No pain, no strain, no balancing on foam rollers and bruising massage balls.

Members of FitStrong have for a few years followed the same preparation routine, maybe with a few personalised adjustments, which has allowed many to jump into much more physical endeavours than they imagined. Some have said bye-bye to back pain, some can now swing a golf club without wrenching their backs and everyone just feels better every day.

Isn’t that ultimately the goal of exercising – to feel better?

Anyhoo, if you would like to try out this Reset program, please do get in touch below and once I set a a few times and dates, I will get in touch with you.