Training at Home?

FitStrong has a very low foot-traffic, where I usually run 4-7 private sessions a day. It’s routine and simple to clean my boutique style facility but, I have already started a more detailed daily plan.

I have a covid-19 policy (see below) in action that may change as time goes on in response to the current situation but I don’t foresee FitStrong closing it’s doors.
I am asking all visitors to FitStrong to monitor their self health and consider their attendance in accordance.
For online followers or FitStrong, I am conscious that you may become anxious of using your commercial gym, so I will be releasing some simple home based routines for you to peruse.
If you have specific goals you need to stay on top of, or particular needs, please do message me for assistance.

To access my extensive training program database, please consider our online platform. There are no contracts.

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FitStrong Strength & Wellness COVID-19 Policy

Whilst cases of COVID-19 are currently low and distant from our location in QLD (18 in Queensland as of 10th March 2020), they are still on the rise every day and may with time reach the northern suburbs of Brisbane including Albany Creek. With this mind I have made a responsible COVID-19 policy for all visitors to FitStrong.
It is the responsibility of everyone to do their bit to mitigate the risk and take precautions where necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19.
Advised by the Australian government:
– People who have returned from a country or region that is at HIGH or MODERATE risk for COVID-19 should monitor their health closely. If you develop symptoms including a fever and cough you should isolate yourself immediately and urgently seek medical attention. DO NOT VISIT FITSTRONG STRENGTH & WELLNESS.
– If you think you may have been in close contact with a confirmed case of coronavirus, you should also monitor your health and seek urgent medical attention. Please do not visit FitStrong Strength & Wellness until you have been cleared by your doctor.

Further information:

Additional points to follow:
– If you are feeling unwell and have a head cold / respiratory infection / flu like symptoms, please stay home and do not come visit FitStrong Strength & Wellness.
– Please feel free to wash your hands / use hand sanitiser when entering / leaving the gym.
– Please always bring a workout towel to the gym.
As a business, I will continue to monitor COVID-19 in QLD and progress an appropriate action plan for remote / online training should the necessity arise and I notify all members if / as this develops.
In the meantime, practice and promote good hygiene at home, your workplace and within our community.
More information about preventative hygiene can be found on the World Health Organisation website via the following link;

Yours in health

Jamie and the FitStrong Family