Stress and Exercise

I recently had the opportunity to talk to a group of students (via video) on the subject of stress and how exercise can help mitigate the negative impacts.

Over a series of posts I will share my learned thoughts, opinions and experiences.

Part 1. Off on a gentle note

What role does exercise play in your life?

Exercising is just one component of moving for me. Exercise whether in sport or in my gym or rambling through the bush, is first-off my time. My time to distract myself from all the worries in life or to work them out in my head. I spend many hours a week helping other people with their exercise in their free time for whatever goals or needs they have. I therefor get my time.

Moving on from the ‘my time’ factor, exercise for me is a kind of exploration. I’ll never be the greatest at one kind of exercise (speed, power, strength, flexibility etc) but I like to learn more about what makes exercise healthy, optimal, stronger without having a negative impact on health. I love to see how the body can progress and up-skill.

I really enjoy taking some the more complex movements and breaking them down into simple chunks to practice and stitch together again. Not many people can perform a pull up or a pistol squat or even get down to the floor and up again without using their hands. I like to address this with my practices. How can we chunk down these moves before reassembling them into one fluent movement?

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