Fitness Can Be Just Moving

I love it when clients want to just move better. They’ve tried yoga, pilates, martial arts but found that they just didn’t meet their needs on a few levels. Some don’t like the dogma that comes with the strict ‘rules’ of the modality. Others don’t ‘feel’ the linear nature of just moving back and forth, up and down. These clients just want to move, to flow.

I am very thankful that I turned up to a thing called Animal Flow and few years ago. My certification weekend started with me wondering what will this give me? Will anyone ever want to do this stuff with me?

Because of the style of Animal Flow many people will struggle to see where it fits in. It kind of looks like yoga, but there’s much more movement, there’s multi-planar positions and moving around. It’s not typical calisthenics – where are the push ups, pull ups and pistol squats?

It’s not capoeira, gymnastics or parkour but Animal Flow draws inspiration from all of these other methods. That’s very much what Animal Flow creator aimed to create – a multi-planar, ground based movement fitness system.

Since leaving my certification weekend I have introduced Animal Flow to many people who came along either out of curiosity or because they sought something new to do with their body. And I love that. Dogma has no place in moving, or fitness.

There are no bad movements, except those that cause pain today

If you’re interested in exploring movement whether it’s with Animal Flow or other methods, why not get in touch to see we can get you started.