Brachiation Tips

Hanging or Brachiation offers many health, strength and conditioning benefits.

Shoulder, elbow, wrist and spine health has been proven to benefit from supported or full weight hanging. Grip strength will vastly improve as will hand conditioning. If you’ve not quite mastered pull ups, hanging is a great starting point. 

Hanging whether supported or full, can be carried out both active (with muscle activation) or passive (fully relaxed). 

How much? It would be great if everyone added a minute of hanging every day and build up the accumulation of daily hang-time to multiple minutes in the ideal scenario. But, start small and add  a few seconds here and there. 

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Flow into 2022

Sometimes you’ve just gotta move. It feels good to feel good and moving feels good. You get the idea. Join me from the New Year for ‘Flow’, where we’ll have fun exploring various movements. Ask me about Flow for details on the What, Where and When. movewellmoveoften #flow #calisthenics #albanycreek #brisbane #brisbanefitness #albanycreeksbestgym

Real People, Real Transformations

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