Conquering your New Year goals:

Simply Amazing success with simple new program

At this time of the year it’s an easy trap to fall into; the all or nothing exercise and diet trap. Hitting the exercise hard and jumping onto the most popular diet fad is the all too common solution when there is actually a smarter and simpler option. 

“Last spring we launched a new program to help clients lose some kilos and add some strength and fitness. To support my wife I joined in, expecting to maybe drop a couple of kilos myself. By the end of the 12 week program I had lost 11kg. I didn’t know I had that to lose! My squat strength took off, I found muscles I didn’t think a near 50 year old man could find and my cardiovascular fitness hit a level I hadn’t felt in years. 

It wasn’t just me, my wife did lose 4.5kg herself whilst doubling her squat and other strength moves.” Jamie said.

More than the physical enhancements though, Jamie and his wife Vivienne discovered how to appreciate simple home cooked food and value looking after themselves. They said they found the real them that was previously buried under the stress of fad diets, poor habits and undervaluing their own beliefs and value system. 

The Amazing 12 program has now been rolled out to other local people who have all rebooted themselves and discovered their own super abilities, values and great new lifestyle habits. 

“The program and the diet were surprisingly achievable even after a tiring day at work. I was so happy with how the results gave me more confidence in my appearance and loved the compliments I received. I look forward to doing the program again to see what else I can achieve.” – Vivienne, FitStrong client

The program is actually quite special. It was designed by strength and conditioning genius Paul McIlroy in Ireland who has himself transformed 10000+ people over 15 years with this same program. The program entails none of the expected all-out efforts and unrealistic diets but instead uses optimised programming to gradually expand each trainees comfort levels until new levels of strength and fitness are achieved. 

“I have been a trainer for over 25 years, and while I’ve employed many great strength and movement programs, the A12 is by far the most over-delivering program. The results are just amazing!”  – Jamie Hunter, owner operator of FitStrong Strength & Wellness

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