Do You Value Strength?

No one appreciates the values of strength until weakness becomes a reality of life.

A straight-up statement but it’s based on the realities I see whenever someone decides to start training.

I’ll hear some of the following… and you can fill in the blanks with any number of verbs.

‘I struggle with ____ing’.

‘I can’t ______ anymore’!

‘It’s painful to ______’!

The problem is clear and the solution can be simple.

There are plenty (read too many) of over complicated strength programs online to impress the impressionable but in the real world, exercise to improve your strength and health is simple.

At FitStrong clients have long practiced the stalwarts of strength. Simple, safe and progressive programming leads to the most productive time in the gym where two training sessions a week prove sufficient.

If you want to use winter to build your strengths, let me help you.

I will be releasing a program (yes online-sigh) for the price of a cup of coffee very soon, but if you have a particular weakness, fill in the ‘blank’, ask me and I’ll help.

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