Level 3


If you’ve passed through levels 1 and 2, transitioning to level 3 should be a simple step upwards. If however you have chosen to start the 5 Week Challenge here at level 3, you’ll be in for quite an interesting time exploring your fitness, breathing and a wonderful feeling in your thighs, arms and abs… and probably other places too.

I jest a little, but level 3 includes the squat again. It’s such a vital movement that it’s worth continuing to explore, especially when mixed with the Bear and the Backward Crawl.

Now, if you’re feeling particularly hard core and Spartan, feel free to add loading in the form of a kettlebell or dumbbell held in the goblet position. I mentioned that in the video.

Timing, you guessed it, it’s the same as the previous two levels. Stick with it and get stuck in.

Good luck.



Backward crawl

Level 3 Program

Level #3, 5 Week Challenge

Level #3, 5 Week Challenge


Progressing through the program

Whilst there is not much variation built into this program on purpose, there is scope for variations if individual needs dictate. The videos above do include some regressions or notes about how to adjust each exercise. Example. If you feel you’ve not got enough space to crawl, worry not, just change direction more frequently or go real slow… now that is fun and challenging!

Regarding the timing of the sets, if you feel the need to take an extra minute to rest from time to time, that’s cool, do that. I want you to maintain good form throughout.

Please feel free to comment below and variations can be discussed.




This challenge is not a personally prescribed exercise program but is intended for educational / interest purposes only. You follow this challenge at you own risk. You must consult your doctor prior to starting a new exercise program, if you have any medical condition or injury that contraindicates physical activity.