About FitStrong

FitStrong PT is a personal training business with one mission; to promote better health by working on developing our fitness and strength and thus, better preparing for life and all it throws at you.



FitStrong PT is a source for all things Fitness and Strength using Kettlebell Training, Body Weight Training and Good ol Barbell Training with services from group exercise classes to personal training.

FitStrong PT training is based on a fusion of the values of old-school training methods and evidence based practice. From young to old to older, everyone can train at FitStrong PT provided you are willing to put in the efforts and commit to the training.

If you want to move with more ease, move stronger, move quicker and for longer and want to be better prepared for life and its physical strains and stresses, you’ve found your place with FitStrong PT.


The FitStrong PT philosophy is built on a foundation of mobility, namely the mobility system Original Strength, strength as taught by the school of strength, StrongFirst,  and sound principles of healthy nutrition as taught and shared by Precision Nutrition.


the FitStrong Core Values

Make a Difference
  • I am committed to helping people to make a valued difference to their physical health and wellbeing.
Honesty, Honor and Integrity
  • I vow to show courtesy & integrity to build trust with the people I serve.
Quiet Professional
  • I shall conduct my day-to-day activities with the dedication and best intentions towards the people I serve.
Explore, Learn and Educate
  • I am always a student and committed to continually trying new things, to learn from industry leaders to bring the best practices back to the people I teach.
  • I believe that in order to gain the trust and to build empathy with the people I serve, that I should lead by example in all facets of health and fitness.


FitStrong training Focuses on

  • Movement practice and exploration
  • Strength training practice
  • Controlling body fat via sustainable behaviours
  • Improving energy
  • Improving your day to day function
  • Staying injury free
  • Promoting health, fitness and strength in our communities

You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. Clay P. Bedford

There are no short cuts, no mystical solutions or potions, just commitment from me to the client, customer or student. My aim is to help  you to discover and choose the healthier options.

Talk is cheap, though, and as simple as training is in its design, the journey isn’t always easy. As coach Dan John says, “Training is simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy!”


About Me… briefly.

Hcrawl to tigeri,

I’m Jamie Hunter, the proud owner, leader, head honcho and jack of all trades at FitStrong PT.

My own introduction to fitness comes from an early infatuation with cycling which culminated in a career in racing bikes… cool yeah, but sadly ending rather early due to a knee injury. However, this opened doors for me to enter the fitness industry where much like my cycling career, specifics always took precedence. God help my clients in the early days as I had them on planned out waved training programs directed at every flaw and physical fault I could find! My personal training diploma in the late 90s focussed heavily on assessments and appraisals and much like a Sherlock Holmes kind of PT I sought out to direct programs on overcoming weaknesses whilst nurturing strengths. To this day, I still live by the same mantra, only more refined.

The applied knowledge of over 20 years experience gives me a strong-hold on achieving what the client wants. The employed strategies for weight loss, gaining muscle, getting stronger, getting faster and building endurance follow tried and tested ‘simple’ steps.


Now, back to you!

If all you want is a beating every training session, with no particular direction or goal, FitStrong PT is probably not for you!

My role is simply to help guide you to finding your sustainable exercise options, support you, instruct good technique and practice.

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