Running events is a great way to meet and greet, be introduced to new and exciting areas of strength and fitness and to learn new skills.

Events run include:

  • Kettlebell user workshops
  • Outdoor Real World Strength & Fitness experiences
  • Movements & Mobility workshops
  • Animal Flow classes both at FitStrong and Outdoor in Local Parks


‘Due to the Covid 19 Crisis,

all workshops are postponed

until further notice’

Reboot Your Body

‘Learn to restore your body to factory settings with a simple collection of movements’

Walking around feeling stiff and achy is no fun.
Neither is it fun when you can’t play with the kids, look after the garden and go on holiday with an unhappy body.

Simply avoiding the physical things that cause discomfort is no long term solution and do you really want to feel terrible and incapable for the rest of your life??

The body was created to move, to be strong and resilient and another truism is that life happens.

Sitting behind a desk for years on end at school, then at work, collapsing onto the sofa at the end of the day and waiting for energy to find you are all just common lifestyle patterns that affect the majority of the population.

I don’t want to be like the majority and I intend to live a fit, strong and healthy life. Let’s sum that up as being resilient.

I don’t need to be the strongest or leanest person in town and you probably don’t need to be either, but we do need to be physically capable of doing some hard work and not getting knocked down for a few days afterwards.

At our Albany Creek gym we work on the skills of moving better first, covering all the fundamental movements our lives are designed to encompass. When we master those movements then we may add weight but first and foremost, we get really good at doing what humans are designed to do.

In our ‘Reboot Your Body Workshop’ we revisit the movements that got us strong and resilient as children and use these to help us unlock our tight spots and tighten up our weak spots.

Next workshops are in June 2019

Information here: 


6 Week Animal Flow Program

Animal Flow is an innovative fitness program that combines ground-based movement with elements from various bodyweight-training disciplines to create a fun, challenging workout emphasising multi-directional, fluid movement and heaps of fun!

In this upcoming course of classes in Albany Creek, I’ll take you through the system right from preparing your body, learning the individual movements to flowing your first combination.

  • Classes options: Thursday evening and a Saturday morning.
  • Next courses start in June 2019
  • Payment per weekly class or in full upfront.
  • More information here