The Kettlebell Swing is the cornerstone of all other kettlebell movements. In this online course you can take your time to work through the 4 essential steps to learning a great and powerful swing. HOW TO GET A

Want to live a long and strong life? Being able to squat and use your legs will literally carry you for longer and well, help you thrive. In this online program I’ll show the various ways to squat with kettlebells, how to improve your mobility and thus ability to squat and a few other tips too. Copy of 12 week bodyweight challenge

The Kettlebell Press is a very satisfying movement and for some odd reason, many people just love pressing ‘things’ over their heads. In this online course I’ll guide you through all the steps and tricks and tips to develop not just a strong press, but a healthy, well executed press. How To Kettlebell

Starting your day off with a mobility routine can set you up for a great day ahead. This 5 day course will take you through a small range of daily mobility movements that will help reset your posture and gently prepare those joints and muscles for whatever your day has in store for you. Morning Routine

Abdominal training has become a fixation of sorts over the past few decades but so too has back pain attributed to poorly executed ab training. The top 3 exercises in this program work the trunk very well, with some specific rules to follow that will make them safe too. The Top 3 Abdominal Exercises You_re Not Doing!

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