General Physical Fitness

The vast majority of our programming starts here. Most clients starting out know they need to exercise but often don’t have clear or specific exercise goals apart from wanting to feel generally stronger, more energetic and more agile.

These sessions are run two ways:


SEMI-PRIVATE TRAININGSemi-private training

Semi-Private Training allows 2-3 people to train together with just as much dedicated attention from the trainer who will just have to work a little bit harder. The programs may follow a similar template but will be provided and instructed with appropriate ‘personalised’ regressions and progressions as needed for each participant.
Semi-private training works well for experienced exercisers who have grasped the techniques of the key exercises we use but at the same time, beginners starting out together benefit greatly from this shared experience… it really makes the whole starting out process easier.

Opportunities for semi-private exist throughout our opening hours (5:30am to 8:30pm). You may have a friend you would like to train along-side of or if preferred, I can propose a suitable training partner.

If you have a time you would prefer to train, just get in touch.


This is the classic personal training model of just you and the trainer, that simple. Whilst in the early stages of learning to train you may prefer this more attentive and personal touch.

During a high paced group session it’s often hard to grasp the nuances of many exercise techniques when the trainer is teaching and occupied with a number of people. Clients often start with one-to-one training before moving onto semi-private training sessions.

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