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IMG_0902.JPGSemi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training allows 2-3 people to train together with just as much dedicated attention from the trainer who will just have to work a little bit harder. The programs may follow a similar template but will be provided and instructed with appropriate ‘personalised’ regressions and progressions as needed for each participant.
Semi-private training works well for experienced exercisers who have grasped the techniques of the key exercises we use but at the same time, beginners starting out together benefit greatly from this shared experience… it really makes the whole starting out process easier.

Opportunities for semi-private exist in the mornings, daytime and evening. You may have a friend you would like to train along-side of or if preferred, I can propose a suitable training partner.

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One-to-one training

This just you and the trainer, that simple. Whilst in the early stages of learning to exercise you may prefer this more attentive and personal touch.

One-to-one training proves very successful when your are preparing for very particular needs such as a special upcoming event, post rehab exercise or training to get in better shape for your sport.

During a high paced group session it’s often hard to grasp the nuances of many exercise techniques when the trainer is teaching and occupied with a group. This can be a natural progression with time, once you are happy with the exercises we teach and use.

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Available slots can be viewed on our online booking platform



Over 50s Group Training

Our 45 minute Group Training sessions are a fantastic opportunity to train in a small group with like minded people, to get stronger, fitter and have some fun. Classes are designed with the health, strength and fitness needs of over 50s in mind.

Group training is $18 per person and limited to 4 people per session.

Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am to 10:45am


Mondays 9:45 to 10:30am and Wednesdays 10:45 to 11:30am

(Please call / text 0450487237 to book your place) 


SFG logoKettlebell Certification Readiness

FitStrong provides courses or ongoing training to set you up for success if you intend attending an instructors course. These courses can be gruelling, trust me, I went through it but, if you’re prepared and ready, the certification courses will be much more enjoyable after getting some readiness coaching.

The StrongFirst certification isn’t a turn up, be shown some stuff and walk away with a piece of paper event. You are expected to demonstrate with precision, each of the key movements taught at a fundamental level as well as being able to demonstrate professionally each movement too.

Whilst hard work, each StrongFirst event is packed with gold nuggets of information from the collective knowledge of fantastic international level coaches.

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FitStrong Kettlebell Fundamentals

FitStrong Kettlebell Fundamentals teaches how to: Use kettlebells safely Warm up efficiently before using kettlebells Program kettlebell training Use your training time affectively FitStrong Kettlebell Fundamentals includes: 4 One on One Tuition Sessions (1 hour each) Learning the; Hardstyle Swing, Goblet Squat and Front Squat, The Turkish Get Up The Press & other mega variations … Continue reading FitStrong Kettlebell Fundamentals