Once we’ve been exercising for a while to the extent we consider ourselves experienced, it’s common to want to reach for higher limits, a big goal. This could be training for kettlebell certification, training for an event such as a race or strength competition or big gym goals like a personal best squat, deadlift, press. It could even be just a personal challenge you’ve set your mind on. It doesn’t matter what the goal is really, but to have a big goal, that’s awesome.

To achieve any goal, a plan is first and forefront.

At FitStrong, planning for big goals is a passion. I take a reverse engineering process, looking at where the point B is, then stepping backwards strategically towards point A, where you are right now.

To get to any physical goal a variety of aspects need to be addressed specifically. These range from:

  • The Why. Why do you want this goal?
  • Time frame. How much time do you have vs time it’ll require to achieve the goal.
  • Energy and recovery
  • Mobility. How well does your body move?
  • Muscular strength. How does your current strength compare to what’s required?
  • Fitness or conditioning. How fit are you now compared to what you need to achieve that goal.
  • Injury risk and history. We don’t want to invite injury, so what precautions need to be taken?
  • Nutrition. What nutritional habits should be addressed if any?

While a lot of this may read hefty, heavy and overwhelming, it’s actually not any different to planning any event.

Try it out yourself. Consider any daily task you do (could be a work task) and one you take for granted and try to list what’s required to undertake it successfully as if describing it to someone unfamiliar with the task. It can be interesting to see all the subtasks required to do even the simplest of daily chores.

Anyway, back on track.

FitStrongers who follow this program end up with an amazing sense of achievement, new found confidence and appreciation of putting in great work at the gym (and the kitchen). Often-times they go on to take on other challenges or use their achievement to inspire others.

If you want to take the proverbial bull by the horns and take on that big goal that makes the hair on your arms stand on end, fill out the form below.

Further resources

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