Whilst many people start exercising because they have to, because they feel broken and want to feel unbroken, you’ll agree that the intrinsic motivators are high.

However, if you feel fine, have no real aches or pains but know you should be getting fitter and stronger for a healthier tomorrow and future years, this is a good start point.

You may or may not have any particular goals in terms of specific outcomes or movements but that’s fine.

Just starting out, we need to follow a steady track to ensure we adopt good habits, like:

  • good techniques
  • appropriate exertions
  • that we’re fuelling and nourishing our bodies appropriately
  • that we’re exercising frequently and recovering sufficiently.

At FitStrong, clients who start out here often do it in a semi-private setting so to exercise in a very supportive environment conducive to making these new changes when we start out.

Some clients who want a more personal approach choose one-to-one training or online training.

Our beginner programs follow a systematic process of learning the techniques of the key exercises we like to play with, developing the movement skills that we should be proficient in, especially if we’re stuck behind desks at work for most of the day and we try to have a little fun along the way with a few challenges added from time to time.

In these sessions we carry out a variety of bodyweight movements (calisthenics), kettlebell weighted movements and get to play with lots of other gym tools at our disposal.

Many people find this kind of training is where they want to stay most of the time whilst steadily progressing. Some spend a while here whilst building confidence and movement competence before moving onto more advanced programs and even studying for a variety of  certifications that we promote.

At the gym we have three rules and these very much apply to beginners looking to keep on track.


Feeling curious after reading thIS? Why not fill out the contact form and we’ll arrange a catch up to discuss how you could get started.

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