Where Do I Start?

The people who train at FitStrong include those who have simply put, been too busy to look after their physical health for a while, up to years in fact. It’s definitely not a blame and shame thing, it’s just natural that some of us end up having to balance work, family, young kids and the one thing that just doesn’t get the time, is exercise.

For some, this can leave them stiff, sore, recovering from one injury after an another and to be honest, not even sure if they can get exercising without exacerbating their situation.

Others have had a history of aggressive exercise activity before being forced to cease due to injury or overuse injury. These include former sports competitors, heavy gym junkies, ex-service women and men and those who chose to chase pain every session in the gym.

Again, this isn’t their fault. They did what they did and often times, the moto of ‘work hard or go home’ was all they knew or all that was provided but as we now know, it’s not a healthy or sustainable means of exercising.

At some point though, there’s the realisation that this can’t go on – there must be a solution and surely being sore all the time can be fixed!?

At FitStrong we follow a particular protocol of program design that helps those who agree with the ‘I’m broken’ description of themselves and go about a process of getting more mobility, improving posture, addressing all the bodies motor control needs, joint stability and then drive onwards to develop some purposeful strength and fitness. How we exercise in these sessions is very simple but purposeful. The Links below in the ‘further resources’ explain what we do but, essentially we practice mostly body weight movements to start with.

If you’re really sore though, the first step of course is to visit your physiotherapist to address any problems and get the all clear to start and yes, I’m more than happy to discuss individual cases with physiotherapists.

Many people who start here end up progressing through the beginner protocols and onwards to more advanced program designs.

If you’ve read this far and feel you are ready to start feeling unbroken, I think you should fill out of the short form below.



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