Kettlebell Fundamentals the StrongFirst Way

My priority is always on helping people move better, but once that box is ticked, loading up the movements follow, to really develop good all-round physical strength. The tool we use to load up is the kettlebell.

With its single handle and off-set weight, the kettlebell has certain self-correcting qualities but only when it’s used properly. Often labelled a complete gym in one hand, the kettlebell can be used for developing strength, endurance, motor control and explosive power. One tool with multiple options.

FitStrong Kettlebell Fundamentals teaches how to use the Kettlebell with detail, following the methods of StrongFirst.

I will teach you how to:

  • Warm up efficiently before using kettlebells
  • Use kettlebells safely with specific techniques
  • Program kettlebell training into your week
  • Use your training time affectively

FitStrong Kettlebell Fundamentals includes:

  1. 4 One on One Tuition Sessions (1 hour each)
  2. Learning the:
    • Hardstyle Swing
    • Goblet Squat and Front Squat
    • The Turkish Get Up
    • The Military Press & other pressing variations
    • The most effective & safe abdominal exercises
  3. Detailed Homework to practice these skills

Is this for You? FitStrong Kettlebell Fundamentals is aimed at:

  • Beginners to intermediate kettlebell enthusiasts
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to use kettlebells safely
  • Anyone wanting to use their own training time efficiently
  • Anyone who wants to be a stronger version of themselves
  • Anyone wanting to get resilient for their sport
  • Anyone preparing for StrongFirst  certification

If you’ve bought yourself a Kettlebell from Aldi, Big-W, Kmart or another really nice kettlebell (they exist) and don’t know what to do with it, don’t abuse yourself and risk injury, learn how to use this awesome, complete gym in one hand.

You deserve to receive kettlebell training from the most experienced StrongFirst® SFG qualified trainer in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane. You want to get stronger don’t you? Contact me NOW… you know you want to be STRONGER ……..

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